What is sports food?

Sports food, people who are engaged in intense physical activity is an indispensable part of nutrition. Sports and other physical activities force the body. Body; preparation, preservation and recovery after physical activity.

Athletes are specially formulated products to help athletes to meet their specific nutritional needs or to show their performance at the best possible level. These products are evaluated under three headings in the Turkish Food Codex under the arı Communiqué on Sports Food Bu:

Products with high carbohydrate content: Products formulated to increase carbohydrate depots prior to physical activity and to accelerate recovery after physical activity.

Sports drinks: Products containing carbohydrate and electrolyte formulated to ensure the rapid replacement of carbohydrates, liquids and electrolytes.

Products containing protein and protein components: Formulated to maintain protein balance during periods of intense physical activity; amino acid, aminoacid compounds, protein concentrates and protein enriched products.