Our Quality and Food Safety Policy:

Our company has targeted to add value and health to the life of his customers by high quality and healthy products as his mission. Company moves on with the knowledge that its most important responsibility is the "Human Health" and tries to offer the best to his consumers. For this reason, since the establishment of this department, it has become companie's the most important management policy. In this framework, companie's good and stable management has chosen as their principle to comply with the rules and regulations, respect the customer rights and produce according to food safety under the condition that the customers' needs and expectations will be met in the highest level. 

In this due company gives a special importance to the hygiene and quality during the whole process of production to the last ring of marketing chain. It is continuing its activities in accordance with the international standards of ISO 9001:2008, GMP, HACCP in a Helal production conditions. 

In our filed of activity we are planning to be the market leader: 

  • To ensure the proper operation and coordination, we apply quality management system and food safety system requirements in order to provide high quality products produced according to the food safety principles
  • We follow the regulations and requirements in our activities 
  • Performing all our processes to meet customer needs and expectations and improving regularly
  • At each stage of the supply chain; by keeping the human health in the forefront we ensure and preserve the safety and quality of the products 
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