From establishment until today

Koza Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Industry and Trading Co. Ltd. is established on March 2010 in Istanbul, Turkey.
We are moving on according to our goals. 
Along with our production activities, we are increasing our production capacity and enforce innovative techniques in production 

Mar 2010    Estabilisation of Koza .
May 2010
    First brand registration and R&D activities started for Functional Foods
Dec 2010    Functional Foods and Food Supplements' permissions were taken and first products were produced
Apr 2011    R&D of Functional Food was over and first product was produced
May 2011    Head office moved to it's new office
Jun 2011    First exhibition participation
Sep 2011    Cooperation activities in biotechnology sector was started
May 2012    Foreign commerce activities started
Jul 2012    Cooperation activities with NGO's was started
Dec 2012    Second production unit permissions was taken
Oct 2013    Management moved to the new office
Jan 2014    Production unit moved to the new production facility

March 2015 HACCP approval was obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

April 2017 Production site usage area has been increased to 3300 square meters.

Since January 2018, the use area of the production plant has been increased to 5000 square meters.

February 2018 Company name changed to A Pharma Health Products Incorporated Company.

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