The main activity of our company is OTC, OEM production and contract manufacturing. Your desired product will be produced with your private label. Production services types are as following:

  • An existing product of our company can be produced with your private label
  • Your special formulation can be produced with your desired brand
  • Different ready products and formulations can be offered to you based on the product group you are interested in
  • Based on your demand, a special product can be designed and formulated for you

In production process:

  • We can use our available raw materials for your product
  • You can provide your own raw material for production
  • Your desired raw material can be ordered for the production of your demanded products by us
  • Raw materials can be obtained from both the local market and overseas suppliers

After producing the products:

  • Your packing materials can be used for packing
  • We can use our available materials based on your demand
  • Special materials can be ordered for you

And finally:

  • Your provided labels can be used
  • We can offer you the designing services of your products’ labels

Based on Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock requirements, Food Supplements require product registration for free sales in the market. Our customers can also benefit from our registration services for their products produced in our facility.

Sample production is also available for first order to help you to evaluate your market of the relevant product. 


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